Qualifier Preparation - Info

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Qualifier Preparation - Info

Post by JRCO » 29 Jan 2016, 09:58

As Stated in a previous PM, we are currently laucnhing the World Cup qualifier Preparation Phase.

We should communicate the divisions composition next sunday and latest next Monday.

Currently we have 41 coaches enlisted. But I still miss informations from a few of you.

The following coaches needs to send me asap their team name & race or they face the risk of not being able to play in the New Ogham tournament :

* Havraha - Team TBD
* Teldalati - Team TBD
* Orielensis - Team and Race TBD
* Ever - Team Name To be confirmed (Lizardmen)
* Guhrt -Team Name Tbd (Probably Wood Elf or Skavens)
* Volaloo - Team Name & Race TBD (Probably Orcs)

* Datrohan- Datrohan (name tbc), Skavens ==> Please confirm that you have same name for team and coach
* Maximilgram - Barkelves (Race To be precised) ==> Please answer, I am worried because you didn't answer to previous messages

Important : It seems that not all of you receive a notification by email when a PM is send, so please check your messages on this site regulary to make sure you do not miss an info.

Because of this the coaches named above will receive a copy of this message by mail, but you should know that once the competition will have started it will be your responsability to check regulary your PM : We won't chase you by Mail.
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