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Join Your Division + Rules Precisions

Post by JRCO » 31 Jan 2016, 20:07

The dices have spoken. You will Find here the divisions composition for our New ogham 2016 World Cup Qualifier.

The final number of ticket for the world cup will be communicated to us by cyanide around february 11th. It should be 2 or 3.

We have 38 teams engaged in the New Ogham qualifier , which is a difficult number to deal with, especially as we need to have "pair" number to built divisions .

We also can't have too big divisions if we want teams to play each other twice (we believe it reduces the impact of luck and enhanced the coaches skills). So here is the final decision we took :

- There will be 7 divisions :
- 5 divisions with 6 teams ===> Best 2 teams of these divisions will gain their seed to the play offs + the 2 best 3rd team as wild card.
- 2 Divisions of 4 teams each ==> Best 2 teams of these divisions will gain their seed to the play offs. (no possibility of wild card for these 4 teams divisions)
- To even up the competition and make sure that teams that will make to the play offs have played similar number of games, and so have had same opportunities of development : Division with 6 teams will play 1 seasons in a row (=5 games), Divisions with 4 teams will play 2 seasons in a row (=6 games)

Reminder : Tie breacker will be :
- Within the division : head to head result, most wins, TD differential, Most TD scored, if times allows it a new game between the two coaches with fresh teams otherwise a coin toss
- For wild card teams : number of points, most win, TD differential, most TD scored, if times allows it a new game between the two coaches with fresh teams otherwise a coin toss
For clarification purposes : if I am involved in a tie breacker that goes to the coin toss : I (=JRCO) automatically lose.

NOTE : as the user interface to admin league in BB2 do not allow to set up leagues with evrybody playing its opponent twice per season (like BB1 did allow), in division 6 & 7 wherewe will play two season in a row , final standings that will be reflected on the web site will be the compilation of season 1 & 2 results.

Because The Tie Breackers Rules we use may differ from the ones the games uses and because we will play two seasons in a row, only the standings from New Ogham website should be considered official. They will be operated manually via Blood Bowl Manager (if it goes back online) or just manually by me if BBm doesn't work anymore. These standings will appears in the Standing section of each Division thread after first week will be played.

Here are the different divisions, each of your team has received a ticket in the game : please accept it As Soon As possible, your team will join its Division Directly. Competition will start latest february 11th, we must be ready to start that day.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Division 1
01- Maxmilgram - Barkelves (Dark Elves)
02- Mbeige65 - No Surrender (Dwarves)
03- Gurd - Gurd's Ratz (Skavens)
04- Teldalati - Da strxztr (Dwarves)
05- JRCO - Orc City Bengals (Orcs)
06- Wolfbanesons - Wolven Blades (Dark Elves)

Division 2
01- Meebee - Pure Souls, (Brettonnians)
02- Filadeus - First Crusade (Dwarves)
03- Bantha- Band Of Blood Brothers (High Elves)
04- Ikis- Cziis Town, (Wood Elves)
05- Csonti - Anvil Of Khazak (Dwarves)
06- Zzasikar - Straight To Video (Dwarves)

Division 3
01- Jounisii - Prancing Pansies NO (Wood Elves)
02- Segosa - Les Quiches Lorraines (Humans)
03- JJape - Shiva Blitzers (Wood Elves)
04- El Jairo - (Dark elves) => Is replacing GSSON
05- Felryan - Worshippers of Khaine (Dark Elves)
06- Yogzototh - Slippery Slim Jims (High Elves)

Division 4
01- WildKun- Ogham Crushers, (Dark Elves)
02- jarik - Earth Liberation Front (Woodies)
03-St Cloud - Clouds WC Winners (Brettonians)
04- Coldy - Delven Lords (Dark Elves)
05- Gerbear - Magni & Sons (Dwarves)
06- Zeldorn - Thrace Lions (High Elves)

Division 5
01- Young Nathan - RRPress, (Dark Elves)
02- 20Phoenix- Global Warping, (Skavens)
03- Datrohan- The Crimson Pestilence, (Skavens) or Redfang- Symbiote Of Earth, (Wood Elves) (first one to join the division)
04- Ever - Mayas y Maños (Lizardmen) ==> Replaces Ghurt
05- Njord - Speedy Blue Racers (Lizardmen)
06- Rosidox - Getting Jiggy With It , (Dark Elves)

Division 6
01- Mr_Ogorki - Ogham's Pond Croakers (Humans)
02- Mythrell- Fanboys (Chaos)
03- Soleil Noir - Wilderness Rangers (Wood Elves)
04- Kodiak - The Golden 11, (Skavens)

Division 7
01- Ghurt - RatRunner's, (Skavens) ==> Replaces Antituros
02- Wraithlord - Wraith's World Cup (Woodies)
03- Antman- Love Lizards (Lizardmen)
04- Barbara - Steel Gun warriors, Dwarves

Potential Replacement Coaches : Antituros, Hatebreed ==> Both have afterthoughts about their availability and will play only if we have Coaches who are no show.
definitive Drop Off : GSSON (availability problems)
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